Cursed (Chapter 3)

Continued from Chapter 2…


Asif had left, but Mehroon knew that her fight for the night was not yet over. She could not allow her mother to remain in that unconscious state till morning. She had to do something for her. She had to…

After fighting with her inner fear for some more time, Mehroon decided to go to the market and get some medicines and bandages for her mother.

Getting up from next to her mother she walked up to the door… and stopped. She turned back to see her mother for one last time before leaving, as though to bid farewell before going on a long trip. Quickly, she came back to her mother and gave her a tight hug, and then without thinking any more or looking anywhere else she started her journey for the market.

Mehroon’s house was almost a couple of miles from the market and she had to walk through a dense jungle and some rice fields to reach there. During the day, it was an extremely scenic journey to be enjoyed, but at night, things would seem real creepy and scary.

While Mehroon tried to concentrate her thoughts on her mother, all she could imagine were the trees coming to life and clasping her in their tight grip. Her heart beat increased rapidly with fear and so did her pace.

Battling those vivid imaginations for what seemed like forever, Mehroon could finally see the lights from the market at a distance. She immediately began to run as fast as she could but she had only taken a few steps when somebody pulled her from behind. Mehroon let out a shrill scream and froze on the spot.

Nothing happened… No one spoke a word… No one made a move… Only the little girl’s heart kept beating faster then ever.

Gathering all the courage that she possibly could, Mehroon slowly turned around. To her joy, she found that it was only her dress that had caught up on the branch of a tree which had pulled her back. She could not stop smiling to herself. Taking a deep sigh of relief, she untangled her dress from the branch and once again started to run towards the market.

She went straight to the small dispensary which occupied a corner of the market and got a couple of bandages and some medicines from there. Getting all that she had to, she started to jog back home once again through the same old rice fields and dense jungle.

She had barely reached half way when all of a sudden she felt a huge log hit her hard on the back. She landed face-first on the ground.

Before she could turn around or get up, a huge man… or was it an animal… pounced on her.

It was a man… and within fraction of a second, the man turned her about with brute strength. She wanted to scream, but before she could get a grasp of the situation, the man put one of his hands on her mouth and shut it tight. His other hand had torn the top of her dress and was cupping her breasts. Her eyes were open, but it was a pitch dark night. She could not even see the man’s face. Probably the man could not see her face either. She strained her eyes, but from all the crying and fear, her vision had become blurry. The man was sitting on her thigh, and kept his knees on her hands so she could not move at all.

After a few minutes of fondling her breasts, the man unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers… all this while maintaining a good hold on Mehroon keeping her from screaming or escaping.

He then raised the helpless girl’s dress and pulled down her underwear.

Within seconds, the man was inside her, in the most brutal and harsh manner imaginable. While this beast was having the time of his life, Mehroon was screaming in pain and agony… but she could not open her mouth. So it was only her heart that was screaming but not a sound came out of her mouth. Tears kept flowing from her eyes while the man kept raping her.

When he was satisfied and done with Mehroon, he got up as fast as he could and disappeared into the darkness, leaving Mehroon lying there all alone… bruised… scared… hurt… half naked… and in an unimaginable amount of pain… both outside and within.

She tried to scream as loud as possible and bring out all the pain she was feeling, but her vocal cords had failed her. After a few minutes, she finally managed to gain the strength to get up. Breathing heavily, wiping the continuous flow of tears from her eyes, limping, she slowly began to take small steps towards home. Even in that pain, Mehroon had not forgotten about her mother.

She had barely moved a few yards when all of a sudden she heard a loud grunting noise and someone running towards her. The man was back.

Mehroon  turned and finally managed to let out a loud scream, but this time it was more a scream of anger rather than that of pain.

As soon as she felt the man reaching near her, she started to vigorously move her hands in the air trying to fight back her attacker. She felt her nails dig on to the man’s face but it was still too dark for her to see anything. The man managed to spearhead her and throw her on the ground once again.

A wounded tiger is more dangerous. The man had turned into a wilder beast this time. He tore away all her clothes and slapped her a few times.

Mehroon had no strength to fight back any longer. The man raped her once again and then just like the previous time, got up all of a sudden and disappeared into the darkness, taking all her clothes with him.

This time Mehroon could cry… Her voice did come out… But she had no strength to scream any longer. She laid there for almost an hour. She was in too much pain to move. All she could do was lie there and cry.

After a long while when Mehroon could finally move, she slowly started to crawl home. This time she was not even in a condition to get up and walk.

The clouds were now gone from the sky and the moon above her was shining brightly. At least she could see her way now.

Slowly yet unsteadily, Mehroon kept crawling. She still could not get up, but she did not stop.

After almost an hour of crawling, Mehroon could finally see the dim lantern burning on the veranda of her home. She could also see her mother sitting on the veranda and washing the wound from her forehead.

Mehroon stopped on her trail and tried to stand up. With a lot of effort she finally succeeded. She then took a deep breath and started to limp her way home.

Mehroon reached the courtyard and was standing naked from head to toe in front of her mother. Fatima had not yet seen Mehroon. She was too busy tending to her wound.

In a voice almost as soft as a whisper, Mehroon spoke… “Ammi…”

Fatima turned to see Mehroon and her eyes were opened in shock. She dropped the mug from her hand and the water splashed on the ground.


To be continued…


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