Cursed (Chapter 1)

Fatima had taken her last step backward. There was no place to go any further. Her back had hit the wall. Her body was now stiff… Her mouth shut… Her eyes wide open… She just kept staring in shock and disbelief… Her little Mehroon had grown up in one evening.

It was not Mehroon’s birthday. Neither had she graduated from college. She had been raped!

Fifteen year old Mehroon stood completely naked from head to toe… It was half past mid-night in Amanpuri village. The chilly winds blew ruthlessly against the bare body of that little girl. She waited while her mother stood in front of her like a statue on the veranda. Blood trickled out of her vagina and kept flowing down her leg till it reached the muddy courtyard where it was absorbed by the ground and lost forever. She waited in pain and agony… She waited for her mother to run up to her and embrace her… She waited for that one hug which she believed would take away all her pain and all her shame. When that did not happen, she waited for the earth to split apart and swallow her inside it. But when neither happened, she swallowed hard and brought out the courage to make the first move.

Slowly she began to raise her shivering hand towards her mother and a soft voice, almost like a whisper came out of her mouth which she could barely open… “Ammi…”

Fatima, who had been standing there motionless all along, shook up with a jerk, as though all of a sudden she was made to wake up from a deep sleep. But her actions to follow were not quite expected by little Mehroon.

“Noooooooooo….” Fatima screamed, as though a ghost was standing in front of her. She raised her hand in front to stop Mehroon from approaching her. “Nooooo… Go back… Don’t come near me…” Screaming her lungs out, breathing heavily, she tried to push the wall even further behind.

Mehroon was taken aback… She was shocked by her mother’s reaction. She stumbled a step backward while struggling to keep her balance, while watching her mother screaming and howling like a crazy wild wolf.


To be continued…


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