Dear Pen Pal

Dear Pen Pal (Final Chapter)

Continued from Chapter 11…


Seven years had passed by. Anjana was living now with her daughter in a small house which she had purchased in Bangalore and was working as a teacher at a primary school in the city. She had named her daughter Sangeetha.

On returning from Kolkata, Anjana was informed by Harsha that he had kept the divorce papers ready. All she had to do was sign and leave. When Anjana went to her parent’s place, they even refused to recognize her and said their daughter was as good as dead to them.

Anjana did call Sameer’s parents a few times to check on Sameer but never told them anything about her own situation. After about two years, she stopped contacting them as well. She knew that Sameer was slowly getting better and talking to his parents was just a round of pain for her. She would have to lie to them and make up stories every time they asked her about her own life. Therefore, Anjana drowned herself and her life around the kids at school and her own child at home. She never forgot Sameer, but he was only meant to be in her heart and her mind.

It was one fateful Tuesday. Monsoon had hit Bangalore a little early this year, and the winds were especially strong this morning. Sangeetha came out of the house holding a blue umbrella that had a giant Mickey Mouse cartoon on it. She was in her maroon school uniform, carrying a navy blue school bag on her back and a yellow water bottle around her neck. Anjana came out right after her trying to keep her umbrella from flying away as she opened it. Holding her own bag in another hand she struggled to lock the door behind her. Sangeetha just stood there waiting.

Beep Beep!! Anjana’s phone buzzed.

Sangeetha who was holding her mother’s phone shouted, “Amma, ningalkoru sandesham undu.”

“Sari sari… Nan varunnu.” Anjana replied.

Sangeetha was not known for her patience. She keeps rushing Anjana. “Amma, vegam varoo…”

Anjana finally manages to lock the door and come to her daughter. Still struggling to keep the umbrella steady she takes the phone from her daughter and sees an email notification. Holding the umbrella in one hand and the phone in other, she opens the mail.



Date: 4th April, 2022

Subject: Dear Pen Pal…

Hey pen pal…

Will you marry me?

Fingers crossed,



Anjana’s eyes shot wide open. She could not believe what she was looking at. Was it even real? Or just a dream? She looked around and her eyes immediately froze on a man standing a couple of meters away from her. Her umbrella, her phone, her bag, all dropped from her hands.

Sangeetha gave a confused look to her mother and immediately sat down and started gathering the things on the ground while mumbling something to herself.

But Anjana’s eyes were fixed. She did not dare blink lest this man would disappear. This man was none other than Sameer himself. Standing tall with a nonchalant gaze, a weak smile and a soft blush, was this man who had entirely changed her life sitting miles away, and was now right in front of her proposing to her.

Proposing to her? Oh… Anjana just realized that while she was lost in her thoughts, Sameer had walked up to her, brought a rose from behind his back holding it out to her and was saying something.

“Anjana… Will you marry me?”

Time froze. Anjana forgot all worlds. The wind, the rain, nature itself got into the pace at which her heart was beating. All the sounds around her turned to music. She got on her toes raising her heels, wrapped her arms around Sameer and they locked lips for what seemed like eternity.

Sangeetha dropped the stuffs back on the ground and hugged on to Sameer’s leg with one hand while clutching Anjana’s saree with the other.


2 thoughts on “Dear Pen Pal (Final Chapter)

  1. Nice name for the daughter. Wonder where you got it from! 😛
    Good Job!!!!!! Wooohooo! For a second I thought, sad ending?
    But nah! Well done my dear. Thoroughly enjoyed this series.
    Looking forward to the next one. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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