Dear Pen Pal

Dear Pen Pal (Chapter 8)

Continued from Chapter 7…


Police stations in India aren’t easy by any mean. Sadly enough, it’s the policemen themselves who make things tougher.

First, it took almost half an hour for Anjana to even have someone talk to her. Once that happened, it was she who had to go through almost an hour of interrogation regarding who she was and why she was looking for Sameer and what did she know about Sameer and all such things. Finally, once the police was convinced that Anjana had no part to play in Sameer’s disappearance, or rather, once they were done harassing a married lady having the audacity to come to a police station alone and inquire about another man, Anjana could learn that Sameer’s parents did come there to file a missing complaint about their son but the police had so far found nothing in the matter. When Anjana asked if she could have a picture of Sameer, the police had another round of their very own cheap mockery and laughter.

After a struggle of nearly three hours, Anjana came out of the police station grasping a photostat copy of Sameer’s picture close to her heart. It was eight in the evening. The sun had set long back. She stared at the picture trying to match it with the one she had seen ages ago in the picture which Sameer had sent her. He looked nearly the same. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she wished it had been under different circumstances.

Exhausted, both mentally and physically, she hailed a yellow cab and got into it. She had done good for her first day. She had made some progress. But she wouldn’t rest until she had found Sameer. But that’s what her heart thought. Her body and mind was done for the day. They screamed for rest.

Anjana reached her hotel in another half an hour. She went straight up to her room and dropped to the bed and immediately fell asleep.

At about two in the morning, Anjana woke up, drenched in sweat, her throat parched and her stomach grumbling. She grabbed a bottle from the bed stand and drank all the water from it. It was then she realized that she had not eaten or drunk anything since she left Bangalore. She picked up the phone and called In-Room Dining and ordered a vegetable sandwich. She knew she had to remain strong if she had to find Sameer. She got off the bed and made a cup of tea for herself, all while thinking about the horrible dream she just had.

Anjana and Sameer were traveling in a cab. They were going somewhere, not quite sure as to where. Seemed like it was the Golden Gate Bridge. Also not sure why they would be there. But they both looked happy. And suddenly the bridge collapses. Sameer is out of the car, falling. Anjana can see him fall. She is still in the car. As though the bridge under her was still intact. She screams and tries to grab Sameer, but he just kept falling, till he hit the water and that’s when Anjana woke up.

A knock on the door interrupts Anjana’s thoughts. It was room service with her dinner. One vegetable sandwich.


To be continued…


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