Dear Pen Pal

Dear Pen Pal (Chapter 6)

Continued from Chapter 5…


It’s human psychology to always think of the worse when they are unable to reach their loved ones. Here, we had a man who was missing for two months. There was absolutely no reason to not be pessimistic.

Anjana got back to her hotel, all the while thinking only and only about Sameer and where could have he gone. Did he commit suicide? Did he get kidnapped? Did he join the ISIS? Anjana still tried to be as positive as her mind allowed her. Did he just renounce the world and went to the Himalayas to become a sage or something of the sort?

Anjana sat down on a couch at the hotel lobby, ordered one black coffee and started thinking about what she would do next. She decided that the best plan would be to visit every single hospital in the city, which would be roughly around 600 of them. If she could manage at least 10 hospitals a day, she would find Sameer in 2 months, considering if at all Sameer was in a hospital. Only Anjana could think this way.

The waiter came with the coffee and kept it on the glass table in front of Anjana.

“Would you like something else with your coffee?” inquired the waiter.

“No, thanks.” Anjana gave a forced smile. The waiter took leave.

Anjana took out her phone with shaking hands and started dialing the number which she had gotten from Sameer’s office. In all honestly, she had no clue as to what she was going to say. She did not even know how she was going to introduce herself to Sameer’s parents. But was it really of utter importance at that moment? She would ask if they had heard about Sameer? To which, the chances were extremely high that they would say no. What next? What would she say to those parents who had no clue about where their son had gone for 2 months. Would her call only add insult to injury? Anjana decided to go ahead with the call.

“Hullo…” An old, broken voice said from the other end of the line.

It was probably Sameer’s father.

Anjana immediately disconnected the call, got up from the couch and left the hotel, with the coffee sitting untouched at the same spot the waiter had left it.


To be continued…


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