Dear Pen Pal

Dear Pen Pal (Chapter 4)

Continued from Chapter 3…



Date: 5th April, 2015

Subject: Dear Pen Pal…

Hey kido…

Just got back from office 20 minutes back and I’m already on my laptop continuing on some office work.

After the incident you had today with that grasshopper and the way you reacted to the whole thing, how can I ever consider you to be a grown up!!

But you’re definitely a very good story-teller… I could actually visualize the entire incident from the way you wrote it.

Superstitions are everywhere… Avoid the bad ones and go for shopping with your hubby tomorrow.

I don’t really have a problem with insects. I just have a phobia of snakes. That’s a pretty serious phobia. I cannot even watch snakes in movies.   Thank god there are no snakes in Kolkata. But there are plenty in my hometown. Hope I never see one, or I may just drop to the ground unconscious.

No… I do not watch television. Like not at all. Except when there is a cricket match. Actually I was a TV bug once, but when I did badly in class 9 finals (no, I did not fail), my dad passed a bill saying no TV for Robie till he passed matriculation.

Initially, it was the worst punishment, but by the end of class 10, I totally got myself off TV. Now I don’t even remember that I have a TV at home. But that is for Chandigarh. In Kolkata, I actually don’t have a TV, coz I don’t need one.

Ok, please explain this to me… how the hell do I owe you food?? By the way, I’m having chicken biryani for dinner…

Oh ya, tomorrow we have an optional holiday and I took it. Not sure if I’m happy or sad about it. But I just said it for no reason at all.

Take care…

Lots of Love,



It was 6:30 in the morning and Air India flight 672 had just landed in Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. Smiling faces, tired faces, anxious faces, sleepy faces, bored faces, angry faces, all started pouring out of the plane. But there was one face in this crowd which had all these expressions together. Yes, it was Anjana’s face.

Wearing the same deep green saree she wore at home, her hair messed up, no make-up on, and yet like a breeze of beauty, Anjana rushed out of the airport almost as if she knew where she was headed to. Her pace was steady and her eyes were focused, but she came to a standstill and probably to her senses when a cab driver stopped her outside the airport gates and asked, “Madam, where to?”

“Ha… Mmmm… Ho… Hotel…” stammered Anjana.

“Which hotel, madam?” enquired the driver.

“Huh… Mmmm… Any… Good… Any decent hotel.” Anjana barely managed the words out of her mouth while her thoughts were still on Sameer and she kept thinking on how she would find this faceless man in a city of millions.

Hotel Eden… Room No. 312. That is where the cab driver brought her and that is the room which the hotel manager offered her. It was near the Park Street metro station and was an amazing hotel by every mean, but that is not what Anjana was looking for. She did not even remember what she spoke to the manager. All she wanted was a place to spend her nights at because she knew that her days were going to pass on the streets of the city searching for that faceless man.

Could the city of joy really find her joy?


To be continued…


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