Lonely Shadow

Lonely Shadow

The world has seen its last day. The entire blue planet is now just a massive graveyard. God doesn’t want me, and the world no more needs me. Today I’m no more what I used to be. I have become the darker side of myself – I have become my Shadow.

I walk along the massive graveyard with my body, listening to the horrifying screams coming from the unsatisfied souls all lying inside their graves. After walking for long we decide to take rest. My body sits next to one of the graves, and as usual I take the place where light does not reach. After a long silence, I ask my body, “Who is better? Is it you or me?” My body looks down to the ground and slowly sighs, “Well, it was I who was suppose to be the better one.” Even my body now realizes the mistake which has already been done and now it is too late to be corrected. I rise up from my place. “Then inspite of God making you the better one, why did you always try to be me?” My body has no reply. I sit back next to my body, putting my hand on his shoulder. “It’s not just your fault. This is a universal blunder that has been caused by mankind. God gave a solid body and mind with a beautiful texture to every human being so that he could make a place of his own, but man could never appreciate what he had. Instead, he decided to become his shadow – never showing his presence; just being a dark body fighting another dark body for position; and always going against light; never questioning to anything, but always taking the easier route.” My body continues to be silent.

I walk slightly away from my body, pausing to think to myself. Why is it that inspite of God giving an individual existence to every man, does every man like to play the part of his shadow? Never looking for light, but only fighting other shadows. Why is man so afraid to question? Why is man so scared of light? Why is man more used to sadness rather than happiness? Why does man suit himself to any uncomfortable condition instead of fighting for their right to comfort? And why after facing all this does man call himself happy when he does not even know what true happiness could be like?

Once I was also a man but today I am a shadow. And now I know what difference I could have made. For me it is too late now. But not for you! What I have written all along is nothing but fiction. The world is not yet over and man can still be man if he wants to. But for this to happen, man should first prepare to face vast changes. Man has become his shadow because of his fear to face changes. A shadow has no face or body or mind to react to changes. But God has given all these to man to resist and react to any change. Then why should man fear change? Even the thought of any change has always dreaded humanity – be it the change of city, change of mood, change of environment, change of climate, change of government, or change of anything. And if man gains the courage to face any change, it is only then that he himself can bring change and stop being a shadow. And obviously the world would be a much better place if man stops being his shadow. But if not, I’m sorry to say, it will not be long before this fiction turns into fact and then each soul will lie in his grave, unsatisfied as ever.


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