Cursed (Final Chapter)

Continued from Chapter 4...   It was noon... The sun was shining brightly over head. Fatima and Mehroon were both sitting outside in the courtyard while the house was locked with Fatima's husband inside. Fatima stood up suddently. "Let's go!" Saying this to Mehroon, once again she walked out through the gate. Mehroon struggled to… Continue reading Cursed (Final Chapter)


Cursed (Chapter 4)

Continued from Chapter 3...   It was around 5 o'clock the following morning. The sun had not yet risen. It was a cloudy morning. Birds were chirping at a distance. Mehroon was covered in one of her mother's abaya and still sitting outside in the courtyard. Fatima was sitting on the veranda. Both of them… Continue reading Cursed (Chapter 4)